Buchanan County Couple Given Lengthy Sentences For Firearm And Marijuana Distribution Charges

Terry Kenneth Hunt, 54, and Kelly Matney, 43, of Buchanan County, plead guilty and were sentenced for charges of Manufacturing Marijuana, Distribution of More than 5 Pounds of Marijuana, and Possession of a Firearm while Distributing More than 1 Pound of Marijuana.  In addition to the marijuana charges, Matney also pled guilty to 2 counts of Distribution of a Schedule III Controlled Substance.

Both Hunt and Matney were sentenced to the 5 year mandatory minimum sentence for possession of a firearm while distributing more than 1 pound of marijuana.  Matney also received an additional 6 months to serve for her distribution of the Schedule III controlled substance.  In all, Matney received a total of 10 years, 12 months of incarceration with 5 years, 6 months of that sentence suspended, and Hunt received 10 years of incarceration with 5 years of that sentence suspended on the condition that the Defendants successfully complete 7 years of active supervised probation.

When asked for comment, Buchanan County Commonwealth’s Attorney Gerald Arrington stated, “While the manufacturing and distribution of such a quantity of marijuana is a threat to our County, doing so while in possession of a firearm is of the utmost concern.  I am glad to know that these defendants are in a place where they are not a threat to our County for the next 5 years.” 

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