Defendant Sentenced to 20 Years for Leading Officers on Wild Car Chase

Kenneth Ray Wyatt was sentenced to 20 years on August 28, 2019 in the Buchanan County Circuit Court for multiple crimes stemming from a car chase involving Buchanan County Sherriff’s Deputies.  Of that 20-year sentence, Wyatt will serve 6 years, 3 months as an active sentence, with the remainder suspended on the condition he complete 5 years of active supervised probation.

The sentencing event on August 28 involved multiple charges of Attempted Malicious Wounding of a Law Enforcement Officer, Felony Elude, and Felony Hit & Run. “The actions of the Defendant were unfortunate.  Had he simply obeyed law enforcement signals, as opposed to fleeing, he wouldn’t have started down the path of making wrong decision after wrong decision,” Commonwealth’s Attorney Gerald Arrington stated when asked about Wyatt’s sentence. The car chase ultimately ended in Wyatt crashing his vehicle, and, upon seeing Sargent Brandon Hall of the Buchanan County Sherriff’s Office approach his vehicle on foot, put his vehicle in reverse and attempted to strike Sargent Hall with his vehicle.

When asked for comment, Arrington stated “I am pleased with the outcome. The sentence handed down by the Court was over the mid-point of the recommended sentencing guidelines.  Hopefully, that will send a message to Wyatt and others that disobeying law enforcement commands can lead to more dire circumstances, which can place our law enforcement and the citizens of Buchanan County in danger.”

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