Kentucky Man to Serve 12 Years for Property Crimes

Jonathan Shane Pinion, of Steele, Kentucky, was sentenced in the Buchanan Count Circuit Court last Wednesday for a crime spree he committed in July of 2017.  Pinion was convicted of two counts of Breaking and Entering, two counts of Grand Larceny, two counts of Possession of Stolen Property with Intent to Sell, one count of Possession of a Firearm by a Violent Convicted Felon, and a Probation Violation from a 2015 Grand Larceny Conviction.

During July of 2017, while on probation, Pinion broke into 2 houses in Buchanan County and stole numerous items from the houses.  Some of the items that Pinion stole were firearms.  Pinion then took many of the items and tried to sell them around the County.    

Pinion was sentenced pursuant to a plea agreement that called for a sentence of 75 years with 63 years suspended, leaving him 12 years to serve, 5 years of that is a mandatory minimum for the firearm charge.  He received another year to serve on his probation violation.  His total active sentence is 13 years.  Pinions suspended sentence is conditioned on him complying with active supervised probation for 5 years, being of good behavior for 60 years and paying restitution to the victims.   

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