On March 19th, 2014, Adam Jeremiah Bowman, 29, of Haysi, Virginia was sentenced to 90 years in prison in the Buchanan County Circuit Court pertaining to his convictions on three counts of Burglary, two counts of Conspiracy to Commit Burglary, four counts of Destruction of Property, three counts of Grand Larceny, and two counts of Conspiracy to Commit Grand Larceny.


Bowman was caught in the act of breaking into a residence by the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office. Bowman was found hiding inside the home after having broken in through the front door. Further investigation revealed that Bowman had also broken into another Buchanan County residence, and DNA evidence later revealed that he had broken into G&J Grocery and stolen numerous bottles of wine and packs of cigarettes.


Bowman pled guilty in the Buchanan County Circuit Court on January 28, 2014. After pleading guilty, a pre-sentence investigation was ordered by the Court. This investigation showed that Bowman was already a convicted felon.

During his sentencing hearing, the Commonwealth argued for a hefty sentence because it was necessary to reflect the significance of Bowman’s crimes and the numerous victims involved. After hearing argument from both parties, Bowman was sentenced to a total of 90 years in the Virginia State Penitentiary. The Court suspended 84 years of Bowman’s sentence, and placed him on indefinite probation upon his release for prison.


Commonwealth’s Attorney Gerald Arrington stated that “I take great offense when thieves break into our citizens’ homes and try to steal what others have worked hard to earn. Bowman was preying upon the good, hardworking citizens of Buchanan County, and for that, he deserved a lengthy prison sentence.” Arrington further stated that “while the Commonwealth had requested, and hoped for, a much longer (active) prison sentence, I am pleased that Bowman will be off of our streets for the next 6 years.” Arrington also commended the hard work of the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office and the Virginia State Police.


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